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Top Secret Moves #2


I got a box again! What is in?

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Top Secret Moves #1

Hi guys, Let`s start with the first exercise of TOP SECRET MOVES. I know you are busy and skip workout often. Many of you don`t workout at all. If you are lacking of time, then this is exactly for you! Find only few minutes to do 100reps of one single, effective exercise. Learn to be consistent, disciplined, not giving up. Every day little by little, step by step to perfect lean body. Have a great day! Pavla 100reps of lunge back 100reps on right leg 100reps on left leg TOP SECRET MOVES #1 - Lunge...


Hi guys, Let`s start workout program TOP SECRET MOVES! What is it about? Every day you do 100reps of one single exercise. Why 100reps? You can do more IF you have time!:-) I know many of you skip the gym due to the lack of time and busy life. Find few minutes in the morning, lunch break or evening and do this with me. Effective, short of time & IT WORKS! Being consistent is the key for reaching your fitness goals. Start complaining about your weight, body shape and let`s change it! Change it together, forever! Let me guide you daily and achieve the best results! Are you ready?.....I know you are!!! Pavla For WEIGHT LOSS, GETTING RID OF CELLULITE visit: www.perfectleanbody.myitworks.com In "SHOP" section I recommend: Fat fighter Body wraps (Ultimate applicator) Ultimate Thermofit Defining get many other great products to achieve your optimal weight...

DETOX with Lemon & Water

Hi guys, Detox your body for immediate, visible results. How? With something "easy to do" ..... LEMON & WATER. Add cucumber, mint, ginger for amazing taste and awesome effect. Sounds easy right? How to do detox: start with fresh water with lemon on empty stomach drink each hour a glass of water or every two hours two glasses of water with lemon mix cucumber, lemon, fresh mint leaves, ginger for best results Benefits of detox: healthier, younger, smoother looking skin younger look rejuvenated body improved immunity to infection increased alertness, vitality, higher libido feeling healthier, energized stress relief flatter stomach reduced appearance of cellulite fat reduction TIPS for best "DETOX" results: incorporate sauna exercise to boost metabolism, enhance fat loss FOODS to eat/avoid during detox Before you start detox, it is important to plan on healthy meal for breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner. Try not to supersize your portions. Include in your meals protein, grains, greens, vegetables, several herbs and spices. Foods to include in your "detox" diet: dairy substitutes like rice, nut milks (almond, coconut milk) non-gluten grains: brown rice, millet, amaranth, teff, tapioca, buckwheat, potato flour, quinoa, gluten-free oats fruits and vegetables: unsweetened fresh or frozen whole fruits, water-packed canned fruits, diluted fruit juices and raw steamed, sautéed, juiced, roasted vegetables animal protein: fresh or water-packed fish, wild game, lamb, duck, organic, chicken, turkey vegetable protein: split peas, lentils, legumes nuts and seeds: walnuts, sesame, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, pecans, almonds, cashews... oils: cold-pressed olive, flax, sunflower, sesame, almond, walnut, canola, pumpkin... drinks: filtered or distilled water, decaffeinated herbal teas, seltzer or mineral water sweeteners (if you need to use): brown rice syrup, agave...