30 Days LEGS & ABS Challenge – DAY 10

30 Days LEGS & ABS Challenge – DAY 10

Hi guys,

We made it to the DAY 10 of 30 Days LEGS & ABS Challenge!!!! From your feedback on social media you are doing awesome, I am very proud of you!

Yesterday, DAY 9 was very challenging, 20min workout and your goal was to do maximum reps in each minute. Today our goal is to reach 100reps of each exercise. There are 3 exercises in the routine, 100reps of each, you complete 3 rounds. All together 900reps!!! Does it sound scary? Do not worry, if I can do it, you can do it too & it will be energizing, perfect, I promise!!! It is a challenge, we are strong, capable to do anything! You can hold dumbbells for more resistance, it is optional.

I am going to do this today and will post pictures on Facebook. Come and join me on social media, support & inspire each other. Don`t forget you are amazing, awesome the way you are. Your body is able to do much more than your mind is telling you.

Are you ready for this challenge? I am! Join me!:-)


DAY 10 - 30 Days LEGS & ABS Challenge


  • complete 3 rounds
  • 100reps of each exercise


  1. SQUAT, 100reps
  2. LUNGE BACK, 100reps
  3. SPIDER, 100reps




  1. I love your workout i will do challenge.

    • Great to hear that, enjoy the challenge, I love it & feel it too!:-)


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