Fitness Instructor

My passion is my fit body

I come from the Czech Republic and I am currently living in the US. Fitness is my love since I was a teenager.

I am a certified group fitness instructor with several other certificates in Turbokickbox, spinning, etc. For few years, I was teaching in well known gym in the US, but I decided to put all my efforts into YouTube/online coaching. Since then, I own the popular YouTube channel PerfectLeanBody where you can find my easy-to-follow and effective workouts for the whole body. All my workouts are already proved to work on many of my followers. I believe training should be fun, efficient, easy to follow but it has to target the parts we want to work on. I like to mix up different styles like pilates, HIIT, yoga, cardio jam, kickbox. We need to shock our body constantly, so that our body does not get used to one type of workout. With my trainings you will get in your best, perfect shape and be very happy mentally. You deserve to love your body, love your life and feel happy, positive. Positive thinking is huge part of my philosophy.

Beside fitness, my passion is also traveling and learning about other cultures. I always get inspired with other nations' cuisines.

My goal is to eat healthy, but it doesn't always mean eating the same. Happiness is one of the most important things in my life.

Explore. Learn. Take care of your body. Workout. Enjoy