AWESOME ABS in 3 weeks – DAY 6

AWESOME ABS in 3 weeks – DAY 6

Hi guys,

I am sure you love new workout program AWESOME ABS in 3 weeks.

We have finished day 5 and let`s move to the day 6. Each day is different routine. Complete 3 rounds and do 30reps of each exercise.

When will be your rest day? It is up to you. You can follow the program day by day or you can have one day or two days off, then simply start with the following number of your last workout.

Are you ready for DAY 6? See you in DAY 7!


AWESOME ABS in 3 weeks - DAY 6


  • complete 3 rounds
  • do 30reps of each exercise

One round:

  1. lunge back, 30reps
  2. cross lunge, 30reps
  3. squat, 30reps
  4. standing abs: side crunch, 30reps
  5. standing abs: switch side - side crunch, 30reps
  6. sit ups, 30reps
  7. plank: roll under, 30reps
  8. on the floor: side crunch, 30reps
  9. on the floor: other side crunch, 30reps
  10. plank: hips touch down, 30reps

LUNGE BACK - in the video exercise #4

CROSS LUNGE - in the video exercise #6

SQUAT - in the video exercise #2

STANDING ABS: SIDE CRUNCH - in the video exercise #1 & #4

SIT UPS - in the video exercise #1

PLANK: ROLL UNDER, - in the video exercise #5

ON THE FLOOR: SIDE CRUNCH - in the video exercise #2 & #3

PLANK - HIPS TOUCH DOWN - in the video exercise #3

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