How it works:






  • Best Body is 10 weeks program made by Pavla available only in our shop
  • Purchase the program either by visiting shop or by visiting Best Body official page (under Special Programs)
  • We are currently supporting only PayPal method of payments
  • When you purchase the program, PLB team contact you via mail within 24h with detail instructions how to access the workouts
  • In the first mail you get also workout plan and fitness tracker
  • Please note, any purchase during weekend will be processed on Monday
  • All workouts are available only on PLB website
  • As your payment is processed you get access to BB Workouts page (Special Programs/Best Body)
  • You must be log in in order to see workouts
  • If you cannot see workouts, try logging in one more time before contacting us
  • Now you are ready to start with your routine!
  • Visit BB Workouts (Special Programs/ Best Body) and click on the day you are doing
  • Make sure you follow weeks and dates carefully
  • All workouts are set up in order you have to do, so simple click on the video and you are ready to start