“I've had an 11 1/2lb loss of weight, 3"loss on bust, 2" loss waist, 2" loss on hips. More inches lost on thighs, but no measurements as I wasn't expecting to lose there!  I'm 37, followed a Paleo diet strictly, no alcohol, dairy, bread, wheat, grains, legumes, drinking only water, black coffee, green tea. Very happy with my results! ”


This program has changed my body and my life It is amazing what exercise and healthy diet can do to my body and my mind set too.
Weight: total loss: 14lbs
Chest: total loss: 5"
total loss: 7"
Hips: total loss: 4" Ivone (48)

I've started Body Transformation not so long after my boyfriend signed me in the program as he knows i wanted to change my body and learn how to have a healthy life. I wanted to change my habits and I wanted to find another motivation to help me not to give up with work outs. I met wonderful and amazing people who went through the same as me... It wasn't always easy, but after 12 weeks, i am really proud of my results.


Anne-Marie B.

As the weight started to come off I started to notice my skin tightening, I felt more energetic and lifting my weights was easier. I am able now to life 25 lbs weights and run elevated on 7% without feeling like passing out. I loved every single workout and I feel FANTABULUS!!! I strongly recommend this to all my friends. Work hard, stay focused and determined. I fall in love with my new body.


Doing Pavla's Body Transformation Program has changed not only my body,my blood chemistry(pre-diabetic) but my spirit as well.The love and support of Pavla,Tijana and all the wonderful people @Body Transformation program Facebook comunty is beyond incredible.This program has changed my life, Thank you Pavla!