Best Body Ambassador #1: KAYSHA

Best Body Ambassador #1: KAYSHA

Hi guys,

Let me introduce you first BEST BODY Ambassador #1KAYSHA

Kaysha is an active student from Malaysia. Her goal is to achieve a healthier lifestyle, flat abs, smaller waist, rounded lifted butt. Best Body program is a 10 weeks long ride full of challenges, but she knows that hard work, persistence, dedication to the program will be worth it. Because Kaysha doesn't have much body fat, we can expect visible body changes on her body already in 2 weeks.

I had a chance to train Kaysha personally through Online Personal Training and she is very disciplined, motivated, determined lady. Through good times, bad times she stays focused and does her best to succeed in the program.

More details:

  • Kaysha
  • from Malaysia
  • Age: 19 years old
  • weight: 59kg
  • height: 172cm
  • active student
  • goal: slimmer waistline, lifted butt, flat abs, overall healthier, sexier, stronger
  • expectations: visible body changes in 2-3 weeks already

I wish Kaysha lot of energy, dedication, strength, motivation in the program. I believe she will do her "best" to get her "best" body.



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