Best Body Ambassador #8: PRATIBHA

Best Body Ambassador #8: PRATIBHA

Hi guys,

Welcome new BEST BODY Ambassador #8 PRATIBHA

Pratibha is a beautiful, always smiling, happy lady  from India. Pratibha follows PerfectLeanBody workouts for longer time, tried many PLB workout programs and was also joining Body Transformation program. She is excellent supporter (on Facebook)  for many women and if someone is feeling down, her kind words and positive energy will lift you up.

India 2

Pratibha loves exercising for many reasons. It makes her feel great, happier, healthier, more confident. In other words, she is "workoutholic" and to be fit is her priority.:-).

As many women she wants to have toned legs, flat abs, slimmer waist. She follows PerfectLeanBody workouts since 2012. Thanks to her dedication to exercising she is already back in her "pre-pregnancy" body.

I love what Pratibha wrote me, that`s why I am sharing it:

"Many people say they don't have time to workout. But I guess it`s up to you, you have to take time for yourself. I have never thought in my life that I will ever workout at night. But right now night time is only suitable for me. I guess I love my body and for my body I am doing it, not for others. After having a baby it`s necessary to be strong & fit."

More details:

  • Name: Pratibha
  • From India
  • 31 years old
  • Fashion designer, currently stay at home mom
  • Has a child (9months old)
  • Advanced
  • Tall: 5'3
  • Weight: 57kg (before pregnancy 50kg)
  • Loves to workout
  • Fitness goal: toned legs, flat abs, get in proper shape, be stronger, fit, firm
  • Major focus: TONED LEGS, FLAT ABS

Pratibha is amazing, dedicated, disciplined woman. I know she will do great in Best Body program!


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