Bikini Body – Day #8

Bikini Body – Day #8

Hi guys,

Let`s jump in the second week of BIKINI BODY program. If you are new and missed the first week, do not worry. Simply  start on Monday with me with Day #8.

Bikini Body is 30 days workout program that I created for you and it is featured only here on PerfectLeanBody blog.

Our fitness goal is to get leaner, fit, toned, sexy in few days. Workouts are scheduled 6times per week. You want to look/feel your best, so you need to do your best. Maintain healthy choices, follow Bikini Body rules and I am sure you will be very happy with your "NEW" bikini body.

Training DAY #8 - Bikini Body has two parts. First part is intense, fat burning, metabolism boosting. I picked up Crying Fat workout #1 and honestly love this workout. Second part Sexy Lean Legs #19 is toning, strengthening your glutes, legs and lower abs. I already know you will have amazing feeling as you finish the training.

Are you ready to start WEEK 2, Day #8 of Bikini Body?

Let`s go together!



  • training has two parts
  • first part is CRYING FAT #1
  • second part is SEXY LEAN LEGS #19
  • equipment used: jump rope, dumbbells 5lbs (optional)
  • takes you about 45 - 50min

Crying Fat #1


  • warm up before the workout
  • do 3 rounds
  • go as fast as you can
  • all three rounds take me about 35min
  • do each exercise 30times

One round:

  1. jump rope, count till 30
  2. low jack jumps (feet out & in), 30reps
  3. alternate side lunge & squat, 30reps
  4. reverse plank: kicks, 30reps
  5. jump rope, count till 30
  6. squat & jump forward & jump back, 30reps
  7. squat pulse, 30reps
  8. squat jump, 30reps
  9. jump rope, count till 30
  10. plank: drop hips side to side, 30reps


Sexy Lean Legs #19


  • complete 3 rounds
  • do 25reps of each exercise
  • I use 5lbs dumbbell

One round:

  1. right leg, dog: knee up & down, 25reps
  2. dog: knee side, 25reps
  3. dog: knee up & cross, 25reps
  4. dog: keep knee up and pulse, 25reps
  5. left leg, dog: knee up & down, 25reps
  6. dog: knee side, 25reps
  7. dog: knee up & cross, 25reps
  8. dog: keep knee up & pulse, 25reps


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