Boring or Action? My day from wake up to bed time

Boring or Action? My day from wake up to bed time

Hi guys,

I get a lot of questions from you: what and when to eat, how often, what about portion size...I have decided to share with you my daily diet and activities  during the day.

Remember, you can only lose weight/fat if you burn more calories than you consume. It is simple, logic and true. I do not want you to track each calorie and be obsessed with exercise or afraid to eat. I want you to think about it and realize that you can always make healthier choices. For example: you are thirsty  -  you can buy Coke or drink water. You are hungry - you can buy chocolate bar or have fruits/vegetable. You eat in the restaurant, you order hamburger with fries or grilled chicken, fish with vegetable. It is all about healthy choices we make. It is your body for life and for ever.

Working out, being fit, eating healthy is a lifestyle for me. I do not force myself to eat "healthy", workout, be active. I take it as "brushing my teeth". Something we do every day without thinking about it.

Let`s see my meals through the day from the early morning till late at night.

Wake up and eat breakfast 6am & snack 8.30am


Working on PLB


Noon - lunch time - grilled chicken & salad


Snack 3pm:


Going for a walk - I love water, trees....:-)


Before gym little snack (Mozzarella & vegetable) & raw nuts


Gym time 5pm


Grocery after gym & snack before dinner, I am so hungry!:-)



Dinner 8pm: chicken breast and vegetable



Later snack:



Then work & work & work...till midnight...then sleep:-)




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