Butt Lift #3

Butt Lift #3

Hi guys,

Great workout for you - BUTT LIFT #3!

This routine is excellent to strengthen, tighten your glutes, hamstrings, thighs and lower abs. All exercises are in low impact, bodyweight resistance and because of high number of reps you feel working the muscle so much.

Butt Lift program is excellent if you want to have nice, rounded, lifted, firm butt, get rid of cellulite in problematic areas like glutes, thighs, hamstrings. It helps you to reduce the fat around hips, strengthen lower back and lower abs.

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Butt Lift #3


  • complete 3 rounds
  • do 30reps of each exercise

One round:

  1. bridge: hips up & down, 30reps
  2. bridge with one leg lifted: hips up & down, 30reps
  3. bridge: with other leg lifted: hips up & down, 30reps
  4. bridge: knees in & out, 30reps
  5. bridge: drop hips side to side, 30reps
  6. reverse plank: drop hips down, 30reps
  7. plank: single leg lift, 30reps
  8. plank: switch leg, single leg lift, 30reps



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