Challenge Training

Challenge Training

Hi guys,

Everything happens for a reason and it works in fitness as well. I like the flow, speed, changes, challenges and being consistent. Trainings I prepare for you or myself should follow other trainings so you get the best benefit of it. I do not like to compete with others, but I love to compete with myself, beat my "old" results.

Two weeks ago I created Training Full Body Trimming, Cutting workout that I did 4times per week for two weeks. This training will help you to get ready for the summer, show off your body without embarrassment, look good in swimsuit or naked. This routine will also increase your fitness level, strength, endurance with your own body resistance or minimum equipment.

CHALLENGE TRAINING shows how strong, fit you are. You compete with YOU - physically and mentally. It is very interesting training that I tested on me, Batman and one of my workout buddy.

Your body will want to quit, stop, BUT your mind will say NO, I CAN FINISH THIS.

CHALLENGE TRAINING has three rounds. In the first round you do 100reps of selected exercises. In the second round you complete 50reps of selected exercises. In the third round you complete only 25reps of selected exercises. It sounds that the training should be easier with each round, because of less repetitions, but physically you see how struggling it is to finish last round, last few reps. It is all about focus, being positive and strong mentally.

I am adding my time (with workout buddy) and Batman time, so you can compare your results with us.

Batman time: 5min jump rope + 55min training + 5 min jump rope = 65min total

My time with workout buddy: 5min jump rope + 40min training + 5min jump rope = 50min total

Are you ready for the challenge? Can you do all the reps? How is your time?

Enjoy this awesome CHALLENGE TRAINING!





  • start with 5min jump rope
  • complete 3 rounds
  • measure your time how long will take you to finish all three rounds
  • in the first round complete 100reps
  • in the second round complete 50reps
  • in the third round complete 25reps
  • use jump rope or keep jogging if you don't have one
  • your goal is to complete the number of reps, go fast, modify if you need to, you CAN`T give up
  • after the training finish with 5min jump rope

One round:

  1. jumping jacks, 100reps
  2. mountain sky climber, 100reps
  3. lunge back, 100reps
  4. squats, 100reps
  5. dead lift, 100reps
  6. front kick, 100reps
  7. side kick, 100reps
  8. sit ups, 100reps
  9. plank, 90sec
  10. knee tuck, 100reps

Second round:

  1. jumping jack, 50reps
  2. mountain sky climber, 50reps
  3. lunge back, 50reps
  4. squats, 50reps
  5. dead lift, 50reps
  6. front kick, 50reps
  7. side kick, 50reps
  8. sit ups, 50reps
  9. plank, 90sec
  10. knee tuck, 50reps

Third round:

  1. jumping jack, 25reps
  2. mountain sky climber, 25reps
  3. lunge back, 25reps
  4. squats, 25reps
  5. dead lift, 25reps
  6. front kick, 25reps
  7. side kick, 25reps
  8. sit ups, 25reps
  9. plank, 60sec
  10. knee tuck, 25reps


Here is the previous training I followed before I did Challenge workout:

Preparing my body for bikini - Full Body trimming, cutting routine


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