Detox – flatten your belly, reduce bloating!

Detox – flatten your belly, reduce bloating!

Hi guys,

Last week I have decided to "detox" my body. I try to eat healthy, clean daily, it is more lifestyle than one week diet, but I am not perfect, who is right?

My philosophy: If you feel great, then you look great!

My goal is to "clean" the body, boost metabolism, reduce bloating, flatten the belly, have nice glowing skin, shiny hair and enhance overall health.  How?

  1. diet
  2. exercise
  3. sleep


Healthy diet is the key in detoxing the body of toxins. Effective detox includes:

  • decreasing the amount of consumed sugar (honey, molasses, artificial sweeteners)
  • drinking plenty of water (with fresh lemon)
  • drinking lot of tea (green tea is great!)
  • eliminate drinking coffee and alcohol
  • eat colorful variety of fruits and vegetables with small amount of nuts and seeds
  • ban white bread, white rice and pasta
  • eat salmon for lunch (it will give your skin healthy glow)

My diet for one week:

  • Breakfast: fresh fruits with small amount of seeds, nuts (raw almonds, flax seeds)
  • Snack: egg whites
  • Lunch: fresh colorful vegetable salad with fish (salmon, tuna, tilapia...)
  • Snack: fresh vegetable with small amount of seeds, nuts
  • Dinner: fresh vegetable with egg whites or fish or chicken
  • Snack: 1 glass of low fat milk

For one week I sacrificed and ate very simple, basic, each 3 hours (6am, 9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm). I felt big difference already third day. You might be thinking I was starving, not eating enough nutrient food, but not at all. By eating less more often I did not overeat, were not bloated and boosted metabolism. Eating more vegetables made my belly really nice and flat, improved digestion. I have to highlight eating each 3 hours - it`s interesting how the body starts burning/digest food you eat (right food!).


  • I added 30min of brisk walking every day (walking outside in the park for half an hour is excellent cardio)
  • sweat it out in a sauna
  • exfoliate the toxins from your skin, refresh circulation with skin brushing and oil massages


  • get enough sleep (7-8 hours)

After one week of "detox" I feel really great, healthy, full of energy. I love how my clothes fits me, skin is glowing. And what about you, how are you feeling, thinking about detoxing your body? Go for it, it is so worth it!:-)

Have a great day,