Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to be registered to see workouts?

no, there is no need to register.Enjoy all free workouts, workout programs. Workout programs for purchase are listed in SPECIAL PROGRAMS, check them out, you will love it!

What are Special Programs?

I designed special programs to lose weight, get rid of cellulite, strengthen your body. There are available two awesome workout programs: BODY TRANSFORMATION (90 days to follow program to tone, strengthen, tighten all body muscles & lose weight) & BEST BODY (10 weeks workout program, workouts are 5times per week, to reach your fitness goals, have the best toned, sexy, fit, healthy looking body).

What is a difference between Body Transformation and Best Body program?

BODY TRANSFORMATION is 12 weeks long program with 3 main parts - burn fat, tone muscles and burn & tone. Unique workouts just for you.

BEST BODY program is 10 weeks long program with full time workouts to follow. There are 30-35min workouts of cardio (Kickbox and HIIT)  & 45min workouts to tone, strengthen the body. (Abs&Legs, Abs&Upper body). Get your BEST BODY with perfect workout program.

Will I lose access to Special Programs once weeks expire?

No, you will have lifetime access to Special Program you purchase from PLB website.


Can I purchase DVDs of Special Programs?

All videos are only available through PLB website. They are accessible from any web browser (including mobile browsers too) and they require only internet access and login to account from which program is purchased.

What is Personal Training?

PERSONAL TRAINING - we train together. You tell me your fitness goals. I customize workout schedule & guide you online or through videos to get the body you desire. We get what we work for & we will do our best to meet your goals.