Fast abs & thighs workout

Fast abs & thighs workout

Hi guys,

yesterday I published "Short time Butt workout", today let me introduce you "Fast Abs and Thighs workout". I know you are busy, but you want to stay/be in your best shape and the worst we can do is to skip workout. Something is always better than nothing.

Within few minutes you get awesome abs and thighs workout. What a great, fast workout! No more excuses and go for it.

Did you complete all 200reps? Let me know.:-)


Fast Abs & Thighs workout


  • do 50reps of each exercise


  1. right leg: knee in & out, 50reps
  2. left leg: knee in & out, 50reps
  3. frog sit ups, 50reps
  4. pilates: hold the balance with knees up, count till 50


  1. I really like your moves it takes away all the energy n it really targets the area.

    • Thank you, I am glad you enjoy the workout. And yes, it is simply great!***


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