“GET SKINNIER” Trainings

“GET SKINNIER” Trainings

Hi guys,

After Thanksgiving and before Christmas you might notice weight gain, or are afraid of getting "bigger" while holidays.

GET SKINNIER trainings will help you to get leaner, fit, toned, tight during holidays. The first training GET SKINNIER Training #1 is already posted and it was right after Thanksgiving.

What are GET SKINNIER Trainings about? Who is it for?


  • 7 great trainings
  • each training consist of 2 workout videos - two parts
  • first part of the training is HIIT - Fat Burn or Cardio Challenge workout
  • second part of the training is focusing on toning, shaping, strengthening problematic body are like glutes, legs, abs, triceps, chest, back...
  • all fitness levels can do this (beginners with modifications)
  • mostly bodyweight, for more challenge I use jump rope
  • help you to lose fat, boost metabolism, burn fat, stay in great, fit shape

Are you ready to join me every day and workout with me every day?

Let`s go for it  and enjoy!



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