HIIT – Fat Burn #1

HIIT – Fat Burn #1

Hi guys,

Thanksgiving, Christmas are coming soon and with that delicious food and overeating. Do not panic, I have intense workout program that will get you in great shape, fit and leaner.

HIIT Fat Burn is interval training focusing on:

  • losing body fat
  • burning hundreds of calories during the workout and within 24 hours after the workout
  • boosting metabolism
  • getting fit, stronger, leaner

Do not miss this excellent premium program, get in great shape with me. Are you ready to start?:-)

Enjoy the workout!



HIIT Fat Burn #1


  • complete 3 rounds
  • each exercise for one minute
  • 10sec rest between each minute
  • enjoy it!

One round:

  1. jump rope, 1min
  2. squats, 1min
  3. jump rope, 1min
  4. alternate lunge back, 1min
  5. jump rope, 1min
  6. alternate cross lunge, 1min
  7. jump rope, 1min
  8. dead lift, 1min
  9. jump rope, 1min
  10. push ups, 1min


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