HIIT – Fat Burn #3

HIIT – Fat Burn #3

Hi guys,

Another great training HIIT - Fat Burn #3.

It is new high intensity interval workout program with major focus on melting fat, boosting metabolism, burning many calories during the workout and within 24 hours after the workout.

Get in your best shape before Christmas holidays with this challenging program - 7 intense trainings.

Are you ready to start? Let me know how you did!:)

Enjoy the workout,


HIIT - Fat Burn #3


  • do 3 rounds
  • each exercise for one minute
  • 10sec rest between each minute
  • enjoy it!

One round:

  1. jump rope, 1min
  2. burpee, 1min
  3. jump rope, 1min
  4. side lunge, 1min
  5. jump rope, 1min
  6. pike & plank, 1min
  7. jump rope, 1min
  8. plank: feet out & in, 1min
  9. jump rope, 1min
  10. monkey squat, 1min