LOSE FAT program – DAY 6

LOSE FAT program – DAY 6

Hi guys,

DAY 6 is the last intense training of LOSE FAT program. Day 7 will be rest day and you highly deserve it, right?:-)

Complete 2 rounds, push yourself, challenge yourself, do your best, be unstoppable, do not give up. BUT have a short rest whenever you need to. Stay hydrated and keep the proper form. After one week of Lose Fat program you can follow with another new program: SEXY LEAN BODY.

Get excited and see you in LOSE FAT program - DAY 7!



LOSE FAT program - DAY 6

  • Cardio 30min (250 – 600kcal)
  • TOTAL BODY Training – complete 2 rounds
  1. Jump rope, 60reps
  2. Jumping jack, 60reps
  3. Burpees, 20reps
  4. Turkish sit up, 10reps
  5. Squat, 30reps
  6. Lunge back (one leg) 40reps
  7. Lunge back (other leg) 40reps
  8. Split squat (one leg) 40reps
  9. Split squat (other leg) 40reps
  10. Knee tuck, 30reps
  11. Elbow & knee touch, 35reps
  12. Switch side, elbow & knee touch, 35 reps
  13. Mountain sky climber, 60reps
  14. Plank: hips side to side, 60reps
  15. Spider, 45reps


Some exercises are in following videos:
Jumping jack, burpees, Turkish sit ups,

Elbow & knee touch

Knee tuck, plank: hips side to side

Split squat

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