My feelings after “HIIT – Fat Burn #5”

My feelings after “HIIT – Fat Burn #5”

Hi guys,

 I completed 5 days of the program "HIIT - Fat Burn", still two more workouts to go. I love the challenge, intensity, creativity & results in only 7 days!

Personally I do not like burpees, side burpees, all kinds of burpees, but it does not mean I skip them. In the training "HIIT - Fat Burn #5" there are many burpees and it feels amazing on abs and upper body. Side burpees are excellent for toning abs, specially oblique.  Definitely try this training, if you do not like some exercise, modify, but do not skip it. Always challenge yourself, remember you need to get out of your comfort zone to achieve great results.

I used jump rope and weighted bar 15lbs for exercise #4 - from standing position go down on your knees and stand up. I kept the bar on my shoulders and each time I stood up I felt my abs contracting so much. Great to know we have abs, right?:-)

If you don`t have a jump rope, keep jogging in place. If you don`t have timer, do 60 jumps of jumping rope and 30reps of all other exercises.

Enjoy it and do not skip the workout. Get out of your comfort zone like me.:-)


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