“PUSH” Training – level Brutal!

“PUSH” Training – level Brutal!

Hi guys,

During the weekend I trained boxer Jimmy and we had awesome PUSH training!

I asked him what intensity level should I prepare and gave him choices: light, moderate, challenging, hard, brutal. Jimmy said: BRUTAL. So I made him to do PUSH Training - Brutal.

We used the bench for exercise # 8, kettlebell for exercise # 6, 7, 9 and elastic band for final strengthening part. Training starts with warm up, jump rope 5min, Push training, final strengthening workout and stretching. We were pushing our body to the limit, went really fast with proper form and it took us about 60min. 

Benefits of "PUSH" Training:

  • hundreds of calories burn
  • pushing body to the limit
  • increased fitness level
  • metabolism boosting
  • energy increasing
  • improving endurance & strength
  • excellent for athletes

Are you ready to try PUSH training? Let`s do it!




Part 1 - 5min

  • warm up

Part 2 - 5min

  • jump rope (free style) 5min

Part 3 - Push Training, 35 - 40min (depends on rest time you have between each round)


  • each exercise is for one minute
  • complete 3 rounds
  • have one minute rest between each round
  • have 10sec rest between each minute
  • drink water whenever you need to

One round:

  1. jumping jack, 1min (cca 70reps)
  2. jumping side lunge, 1min (50reps minimum)
  3. right leg: side lunge & front kick, 1min (35reps minimum)
  4. left leg: side lunge & front kick, 1min (35reps minimum)
  5. alternate side kick, 1min (60reps minimum)
  6. squat & twist with kettlebell, 1min (30reps minimum)
  7. kettlebell swing, 1min (50reps minimum)
  8. bench: hands on the bench and feet jump up, 1min (55reps minimum)
  9. plank:kettlebell row - alternate arms, 1min (40reps minimum)
  10. spider 2reps (4 counts) & plank toes touch 2reps (4 counts), 1min (20reps minimum)

Part 4 - 100reps of...10min

  1. right leg: with elastic band do leg back, 100reps
  2. left leg: with elastic band do leg back, 100reps
  3. right leg: knee up with elastic band, 100reps
  4. left leg: knee up with elastic band, 100reps
  5. standing abs - side crunch, 100reps
  6. standing abs - other side crunch, 100reps
  7. plank 2min

Part 5 - 10min

  • stretching







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