Shape up #1 – Butt, legs

Shape up #1 – Butt, legs

Hi guys,

this program is all about shaping, toning, strengthening and getting in excellent shape!

In the program "7 Days Challenge - Las Vegas, Bikini" we leaned out with high intensity interval trainings. In this "Shape up" 2 weeks program we will tone gluteus, hamstrings, thighs, abs, triceps and other problematic body parts with strengthening workouts.

Training has two parts. First part has a lot of kickbox moves that are great fat burn, second part is from the premium program "Bikini Body" and our focus will be on toning gluteus, thighs, getting rid of cellulite. If you want to add intensity to this training, then use dumbbells 5 or 8lbs (or heavier).

Are you ready to get nicely shaped body?

Let`s do this with me and enjoy the training!




Hit your legs workout


  • interval training
  • have 10sec rest between each exercise
  • do maximum reps in each minute


  1. squat & front kick
  2. side kick & knee in
  3. side kick & crunch
  4. alternate lunge back
  5. split squat - pulse (one leg)
  6. split squat - pulse (other leg)
  7. plie squat (walk forward & back)
  8. plie squat down & up
  9. plie squat & little jump



 Bikini Body - Gluteus, 10min


  • go your own tempo
  • do maximum reps in each minute
  • you can use dumbbells


  1. right leg: knee up, 1min
  2. left leg: knee up, 1min
  3. right leg: hamstring curl, 1min
  4. left leg: hamstring curl, 1min
  5. right leg: leg lift, 1min
  6. left leg: leg lift, 1min
  7. bridge: hold, 1min
  8. bridge: hips up & down, 1min
  9. bridge: keep walking, 1min
  10. bridge: knees in & out, 1min



  1. done

    • super, you rock!!!!:-)


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