Workout tips for beginners

Workout tips for beginners

Hi guys,

Are you new to working out? If you are beginner to fitness and PerfectLeanBody workouts simply follow my tips.


Set your fitness goal:

  • lose few pounds
  • strengthen core, tone arms, shape butt, firm triceps....
  • be stronger (start with bodyweight resistance, then add weights)
  • improve endurance (do less reps, one or two sets, then add more reps & sets)
  • improve posture (strengthen back, shoulders, abs..)
  • get rid of cellulite
  • be more flexible (practice easy to follow stretching routines every day)
  • and others...

Set day and time of your workout

  • every activity is counting
  • workout at least 3-4times per week (5-6times is also possible and welcome!)
  • reserve at least 30min to workout or cardiovascular activity every day (can be walking, running, cleaning home, swimming, cycling....)
  • make a workout schedule and make it visible (for example on fridge...)

Follow workout schedule

  • always warm up
  • always stretch after workout (you can stretch also before working out)
  • follow the routine from workout program that is suitable for you (low impact, high impact...)

Do not expect miracles in few days, be realistic!

  • you can see visible body changes already in few weeks (3-4 weeks), not hours or days
  • take body pictures at day 1 as you first start and then each week

For best results eat healthy

  • eat lot of vegetable, fruits
  • eat lean protein
  • avoid sugary food, alcohol, fried food, fast food & SODA
  • eat more often, but less
  • drink plenty of water
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The most important thing is DO NOT GIVE UP. There comes a time when you will want to quit, but you need to be strong. Being consistent is very important and brings you great results.

Need help with the best workout schedule made just for you? Let me customize you effective training, workout schedule to your time, fitness goal and preferences.

Have a great day,




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